Journal Articles

  1. “There is no Ebola Here: Lessons from Uganda and Liberia on the Political Economy of Epidemics” (published by the Public Sphere Journal-a journal of international policy studies which aims to address some of today’s most important policy dilemmas via evidence-based research in economics and political science). , page 87. Download it here
  2. Anthropocentric Climate Change and Violent Conflict: Evidence Review and Policy Recommendations –


  1. Authored, Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investment in Youth.  Published by the African Union (p.58).
  2. Authored, Agriculture and Inclusive Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Published by LSE and Ideas for Development.
  3. Authored, Agricultural innovation transforms drought-prone Kenyan region. Published by LSE.
  4. Authored, The Politics of Climate Change and its Implications on Africa. Published by LSE and IRIN.
  5. Authored, Global Climate Change Initiatives: Promoting Sustainable development and the needs of developing countries. Published by the International Growth Centre based at LSE in partnership with University of Oxford.
  6. Authored, Rich but poor: Exorcising Africa’s resource curse. Published by LSE, PfAL Foundation. Voted No. 4 in LSE’s Most Popular Posts
  7. Authored, Is Africa’s growing population a threat to the Sustainable Development Goals? Published by the International Growth Centre (IGC) and World Overpopulation Awareness.
  8. Authored, Is urbanisation in sub-Saharan Africa divorced from economic growth?. Published by LSE. Voted No. 5 in LSE’s Most Popular Posts
  9. Authored, The China-Africa relationship and what Africa can do to profit. Published by LSE and History Matters
  10. Authored, Addressing Kenya-Somalia conflict and counter terrorism strategies. Published by LSE. Voted No. 7 in LSE’s Most Popular Posts
  11. The Africa Report 2016- Dragon sneezes Africa catches cold
  12. Disseminating research as a Network
  13. “It’s our turn to eat”: Ethnicity and corruption in Kenya
  14. Financial Sector Development in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States
  15. Africa: most expensive continent to send money in the world