1. “There is no Ebola here”: lessons from Uganda and Liberia on the political economy of epidemics: Published by the Public Sphere Journal-a journal of international policy studies which aims to address some of today’s most important policy dilemmas via evidence-based research in economics and political science.
  2. Anthropocentric Climate Change and Violent Conflict: Evidence Review and Policy Recommendations.
  3. Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investment in Youth.  Published by the African Union (p.58).
  4. ‘Peace has brought back our income’: A Pact partner builds stability in a volatile African border region.
  5. From hard beginnings, a youth peace initiative in Kenya thrives with Pact and USAID support.
  6. Strengthening Cross-Border Cooperation. Published by the Resilience Focus Magazine (p.30 and 34), by the  Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) 2019.
  7. The Economic Contributions of Artisanal & Small–Scale Mining in Kenya: Gold and Gemstones Published by Pact World.
  8. Financial Sector Development in Fragile and Conflict – Affected States.
  9. Africa: Most Expensive Continent to Send Money in the World. Published by Developing Markets Associates.
  10. Is Africa’s growing population a threat to the Sustainable Development Goals?
  11. To foster peace in the Horn of Africa, Pact supports Turkana cultural festival.
  12. EAJ bolsters Somaliland Ministry of Justice communications capacity.
  13. EAJ facilitates coordination to improve access to justice for all.
  14. Expanding Access to Justice program builds capacity of partners on outcome mapping.
  15. Rich but Poor: Exorcising Africa’s Resource Curse.
  16. Communications as a Strategic Management Function.
  17. Preparing Africa’s youth for the digital economy and the future of work.     
  18. FSD Africa and the Uganda Capital Markets Authority sign MoU to drive capital markets development in Uganda.
  19. ASEA and FSD Africa sign pact to promote the development of African capital markets.
  20. A Regulatory and Policy Approach to Crowdfunding in East Africa.
  21. Sierra Leone FinTech Challenge Finalists Announced.
  22. Africa on the Cusp: 23% of sub-Saharan Africa’s population gets by on $2-$5 per day.
  23. Kenya Green Bonds Programme stakeholder forum between developers and bankers identifies robust pipel.
  24. The economic aftershock of coronavirus hits hard the Horn, East and Central Africa.
  25. More than 52 million people across Africa going hungry as weather extremes hit the continent.
  26. New swarms of locusts threaten to increase hunger in East Africa reeling from floods and coronavirus.
  27. Addressing the Double-Crisis of Locusts and COVID-19 in the greater Horn of Africa.
  28. Community-led action critical for locust livelihood response in the Greater Horn of Africa.
  29. Global Refugee Forum crucial moment to deliver on commitments.
  30. The WASH specialist from Sihay: Coronavirus insights from an Ex-Oxfamer’s 15 years’ experience
  31. Law enforcers from six countries commit to protect rights of people living with HIV.
  32. Building Sustainable Partnerships – Strengthening Quality Management Systems for Enterprises in Rwanda.
  33. Africa Refugee Summit concludes with call for enhanced refugee participation and self -representation.
  34. They matter: Time to care and unlock refugee women’s potential.
  35. Civic society in Horn, East and Central Africa increasingly inhibited despite some progress, says Oxfam.
  36. The Role of Communicators in Africa’s Development.
  37. Urgent Anticipatory Action needed for Communities Impacted and at Risk of Re-infestation by Desert Locusts in the Greater Horn of Africa

  38. Somalia’s humanitarian localisation agenda: opportunities and barriers
  39. Hunger linked to COVID-19 could kill more people than the virus itself: Oxfam
  40. Thirty-nine organisations call on governments to ensure access to asylum seekers during COVID-19 pandemic


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