About Martin

Martin’s international career in International Development spans 10 years. He has led teams across Kenya, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, South Africa and Somalia in developing regional communications strategies. More recently, he has been featured among 50 communications experts in the continent contributing to Africa’s socio-economic rise.

The Politics of Climate Change and its Implications on Africa

Burgeoning dystopian prophecies, literature and accounts of climate change by an array of actors, including UN agencies, national governments, security pundits, scholars and development NGOs, insinuate climate change has entered the realm of politics which posits that it triggers violent conflict. Even though the African continent contributes only about 3% to global greenhouse gas emissions,

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Martin Namasaka on studying Disruptive Strategy at Harvard Business School (HBS)

This week, I received my certificate of Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen delivered by Harvard Business School. This journey was fraught with special circumstances such as lots of traveling across Africa in between the course. During the course, I was delivering a regional strategy for the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the

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The Role of Communicators in Africa’s Development

By Martin Namasaka Africa’s economic pulse has undoubtedly been the new consensus in the 21st century, infusing the continent with a new commercial vibrancy. This has been illustrated in a growing strand of influential development literature and international journals demonstrating newfound optimism about Africa’s development trajectory. For instance, The Economist’s Mea Culpa (correcting its previous assessment of a “hopeless

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